Striker Emmanuel Adebayor, a former Real Madrid and Manchester City player, commented on the game that is worth a spot for the Champions League quarter-finals in an interview with the newspaper “As”. The Togo player says the Spaniards will have a difficult mission after being beaten 2-1 at the BernabĂ©u, but he does not discredit a classification.

“If you asked me two years ago, I would say yes. Real would be a favorite with Cristiano Ronaldo. He could make a difference at any time. They lost their first home game and now it will be very difficult, but not impossible. Real have many players with experience, like Marcelo, Benzema, Courtois, and are prepared for great games. “

Adebayor also stressed the importance of the French striker since the Portuguese ace left the club. “He (Benzema) had to take responsibility and I believe he does very well. He scores several important goals for Real Madrid and will be a danger (for Manchester City), of course”